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We're honored to share such a difficult experience with you. We consider our clients to be part of the Blue Skies Pet.com family.

We hope you will find some comfort in reading notes from others who have faced the loss of their animal companion.

Notes From Our Blue Skies Pet Family

From Kristi H: I am so grateful for the services of Blue Skies Pet and would like to thank Dr. Corcoran for her compassion, kindness, patience and knowledge she displayed throughout my devastating ordeal of losing my best friend to old age. Even though I knew the day was coming I was not prepared for it to happen as fast as it did. I spent my final hours with my beloved dog Hannah laying beside me as I researched the best possible way to lay my dog to rest with some dignity, respect and as pain free as she deserved. It's as if Blue Skies Pet and Dr. Tracy Corcoran fell perfectly into place to give Hannah and myself the comfort we needed on that dreadful day. I can't express more how grateful I am to have been given 12 great years with my beloved faithful friend and to have returned that love by being there for her when she needed me most. I will forever miss you my friend.

From the Keihl family: We would like to extend a special thank you for the service that was provided when we had to make the tough decision of putting down our loved dog, Valen, who blessed our family for more than 13 years.  The patience that was displayed as well as the care for Valen was more than compassionate.  Following your service visit, we have done nothing but talk to others about what a great service it is that you provide.

From Chari B: Losing your beloved yellow lab to bone cancer is devastating, having Becky and Sara come out and help her pass peacfully in our home was a blessing. It made the whole process more humane and really helped our three boys cope and proceed on in the grieving process.

From Sheanne A: I believe in the service you offer and will always let people know about it. Not often do angels walk on earth and help your pets get to heaven pain free and loved. Thank you for taking care of my friends, I will always inform friends, family and clients of your caring heartfelt services.

From Steve P. and Tom S: One of the most helpful aspects of the services offered by the vets at Blue Skies Pet Euthanasia is the assessment of a pet's "quality of life." The changes in our Mr. Milo's behavior came so slowly during his 17th year, that it was difficult to realize how significant they truly were. The pre-euthanasia consultations with Dr. Becky enabled us to objectively face the realities of our situation and more importantly, it absolved us of all feelings of guilt in letting our much-loved friend go.

From Lori N: I am so grateful for the services of Blue Skies Pet. It was much, much better than having to stress him (and me) and scare him by taking him to the vet one last time.

From Erik L: Dr. Corcoran helped us with our dog Molly. I’d like to thank you for the job you do and for the dignity that you provide for pets. There is nothing Molly hated more than walking into the vet’s office; being able to do this at home meant the world to us and to her. I am profoundly grateful.

From Alyssa F: Dr. Tracy is literally an angel walking among us. She came to our house on such short notice and brought us the most peaceful comfort I could have ever imagined. Her genuine empathy and understanding created a calming environment as she lovingly put our beautiful 13-year-old tripawd to sleep. I can't say enough wonderful things about this woman and the work she (and Blue Skies) does. She truly has a gift. Thank you so much for everything.  

From Meg C: Dr. Tracy Corcoran came to the house on very short notice. She was sympathetic and explained everythingclearly and thoroughly. We are so grateful this service exists and that our cat's last moments were in a place he felt safe and comfortable. It was also a good experience for us who had been contemplating the horrors of putting the poor sick cat in his carrier and feeling like his last moments were spent in fear. Thank you! 

From Sheanne A-E: I believe in the service you offer and will always let people know about it. not often do angels walk on earth and help your pets get to heaven pain free and loved. Thanks you for taking care of my friends, I will always inform friends, family and clients of your caring heartfelt services.

From Grace D: My boyfriend and I just had to make the difficult decision of putting down our 1.5 year old kitty due to leukemia related illnesses. We loved little Fred to the core of our beings and wanted to find some way to be able to celebrate his life and let him pass humanely and in our home. I stumbled across Blue Skies Pet with just a simple google search and couldn't be more blessed with the experience we had. Dr. Becky was very supportive, extremely kind and went above and beyond what we could've ever hoped for on such a tragic day. A couple of days later we received the sweetest note with mementos of our furry little friend that just filled my heart with love. I honestly don't know what we would've done if we hadn't found Blue Skies. We are forever grateful for the support and love that your practice has given us and hold you to the highest esteem. 

From Myrna L: I have never experienced kindness in any form as i did from blue skies on my recent loss of menthe, my 30 year old long time kitty friend!

It is always very difficult to lose a beloved pet, but dr. Becky and her gentleness, kindness and goodness made the process so much easier. No stress was felt . To experience his leaving me in such a relaxed state and at home where he was comfortable, made losing him easier, kinder and gentler.

Thank you so much! I have had and lost pets - dogs, cats and horses- over the past 50 years and it is never easy . Menthe was an orphan kitty that i raised and i was the only mother he ever knew. He was sensitive, bright and more like a person than a cat. Oh how i dreaded the thought of losing him! To find blue skies was truly a god send. Bless you all and please keep offering your services.


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