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Even we vets at Blue Skies Pet stuggle with the loss of our own beloved animal companions. Below is our Dr. Tracy Corcoran's story of loss in 2014.

Maddie’s Tribute, and my story --- Dr. Corcoran

Madison was my family’s beloved yellow Labrador, and my best friend.  She was my husband’s first and most talented hunting companion. She was a loving, spirited and energetic dog, and was such an important part of my family’s lives. She was amazing with my two young boys (one of which was only 18 months when she passed). She loved the boys like they were her own, and was always concerned with their whereabouts and safety, and never even raised an eyebrow when they clung to her.  She kept my feet warm on the cold winter nights.  She would always lend me a shoulder to cry on when I was sad, and she never let me down.  I was taken aback and crushed when I discovered that she had cancer and even more shocked when her quality of life deteriorated within a 4 hour time span after I discovered her terminal illness, giving me very little time to say my good-byes.  I was faced with a horrifying decision of having to put my best friend of almost 11 years to rest, but in my heart I know the decision, as hard as it was for me to make, was the best way I could show her how much I loved her…. I was able to ease her suffering and allow her to pass with dignity.

How in those quickly passing hours I longed to allow her to pass on her favorite spot on the couch in our home, with her loving family surrounding her, but I was unable to do so.  I did not have any of my supplies, or the medications to give to her so I could put her to rest.  She passed just a few weeks shy of us opening the “doors” of our home euthanasia business.  I had to take my own dog to an Emergency clinic.  I could see on her face that every time we had to move her she was nervous and apprehensive, although being the amazing dog she was, she never stopped wagging her tail and looking at us with loving eyes.  Although the Emergency clinic was amazing and did the very best they could at making us comfortable in a very private and peaceful room set up for us to say good-bye and grieve, it still would never hold a candle to the comforts of being at home.  I held her head in my arms and whispered to her that we all loved her, and would miss her dearly as she peacefully let go.  We then brought her home for Stewie, our other Labrador and Maddie’s shadow for the last 4 years,  to say farewell. We also wanted to give our oldest boy of 5 years an opportunity to give her one last hug, and pat on the head as we read a book to him explaining what had happened to the dog that he has known and loved with all of his heart, since he was born.

Sitting there watching my family say their good-byes confirmed that the journey that I was about to embark on with this business is where I need to be.  This is my passion, to be able to help families say a final good-bye to a cherished friend in the privacy of their own home. I want people to feel the comfort that only their home can give when dealing with such a devastating tragedy.  I want to help their beloved pet pass away in their favorite chair, bed, rug, or even lap while helping to alleviate as much pain and anxiety as possible, and allowing them to cross over surrounded by warmth and love.

I am still mourning my best friend, and think that I will for quite some time, but I take comfort in knowing that I was able to return a favor to her that she had given me for almost 11 years; unconditional comfort, love, and a friendship that would go above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined. 

Madison, you will be missed forever.