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We can provide hospice and euthanasia for rabbits.

Hospice care for pets is our pleasure.

A Westie named Frank wasgently put to rest in his home.

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Our Hospice Care Options

*****************NOTICE APRIL 2020:*****************

**Due to COVID-19. This service is temporarily suspended.**

Hospice care for pets is intended to provide pain-relieving and comfort-giving care for animal companions near the end of their lives. Pet hospice can provide the time needed for owners to come to terms with their pets' illnesses and decide their comfort level with optional treatment. Hospice care also allows time needed to reach good decisions as well as help owners begin the grieving process. Part of hospice care is accepting death as a part of life. It provides the time to make informed plans and reasoned decisions, and to begin to say goodbye.


Comprehensive Hospice Consultation - $500

Our goal is to keep your beloved companion as comfortable as possible at the end of its life. This consultation is one-time, detailed home visit to assess your pet, review pertinent  medical records, and help you to decide if home hospice care is a viable option for your companion.

We will explain what to look for when assessing pain and how to manage it. We'll help you decide what other treatments or comfort-care options are helpful for your pet when it has a terminal condition. Please plan for approximately two hours in your home.

This service includes two months (60 days) of telephone consults and prescription writing.

Subsequent 30-minute re-check visits and/or euthanasia is an additional $100 per visit during this 2-month period.


Single In-Home Hospice Follow-Up Visits - $100

When hospice care is your choice, we can provide follow-up visits as needed to reassess your pet's condition and adjust treatments or therapies if necessary.

Please plan for approximately 30 minutes in your home.


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We serve clients in Minnesota and Wisconsin only. Mileage is included for appointments in the Metro area and additional travel fee may be assessed depending on your location. Please contact us directly for an accurate estimate.