A cairn terrier dog plays with a toy.

A grey cat sits on the sink's edge.

A small Maltese dog rests on a piullow.

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Resources and Links

Here are references to information that we find helpful.

An Article: An Old Guy's Experience With Animal Euthanasia This is a sort of "open letter" explaining in ordinary and sometimes graphic terms, what one person has learned from the euthanasia of four beloved dogs.

PetCremationMN.com An animal crematory providing an option that is more in line with how you would treat the loss of a family member.

heavenlypawspetpcs@yahoo.com This is the e-mail address of a pet crematory in the Saint Cloud area

http://animal-intuition.com Providing healing and bodywork for animals, Animal Intuition is based in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area and serves clients nationwide. They will travel to your location for horses and have two practice rooms in the metro area where they provide treatments to your cats and dogs in a safe, friendly and comfortable environment.

http://www.aplb.org/ Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement. A comprehensive site devoted to dealing with the loss of a beloved animal companion.

http://www.pet-loss-matters.com/ A site intended to be a helpful guide to all things pet loss, and to unite pet owners from around the world at a time when they feel most alone.

http://www.veterinarywisdompetparents.com/ A website regarding all aspects of the heartbreak of losing a pet.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/petparentswisdom/A Facebook, petloss discussion group.


Pet loss support:

Please note: Blue Skies Pet has no relationship with the counseling organizations listed here. The use of Internet-based pet loss support resources is not intended to replace consultations with your local veterinarians or qualified mental health professionals.


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