DVM Tracy Corcoran's dogs Madison and Stewie.Madison and Stewie
Dr Becky Bugbee Tong's black and silver cat Nikita.Nikita


Dr Sara Herrlinger's black and white cat, Maddie.Maddie

About Our Veterinarians

Dr Tracy Corcoran, DVM Dr. Tracy Corcoran DVM

Dr. Tracy Corcoran began working at a small animal Veterinarian clinic in the Twin Cities East metro in 1996. She continued to work for that practice as a Veterinarian technician while attending Veterinary school. Tracy graduated with a Bachelor in Veterinary Science and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees in 2004 from the University of Minnesota. She continues to work at that small animal clinic in addition to working with Blue Skies Pet Euthanasia and Hospice Services. She lives in White Bear Lake with her family and her energetic Labrador, Stewie. See Dr Tracy's link on the tributes page to read about Madison. 


Dr Becky Bugbee-Tong, DVM Dr. Becky Bugbee-Tong DVM, RN

In addition to her work as a DVM, Dr. Becky Bugbee-Tong, has worked as a registered nurse since 1985. She began working as a veterinary clinic assistant at the Hawaiian Humane Society in 1994 and continued until 2000 when she left Hawaii to attend the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. After graduation, she worked briefly in the Zoo Medicine department at Colorado State University before moving to Minneapolis to work in a small animal clinic. Dr. Bugbee-Tong continues to work as a veterinarian and as a registered nurse in addition to working with Blue Skies Pet Euthanasia and Hospice Services. She also enjoys volunteering at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville, Minnesota and with VeTouch, a non-profit that provides free basic veterinary care to low-income families. Dr Bugbee-Tong lives in Minneapolis with her husband, her cat Nikita and two koi fish. 


Dr Sara Herrlinger, DVM Dr. Sara Herrlinger DVM

Dr. Sara Herrlinger graduated from veterinary school in 1997 and started her career in veterinary medicine in a small town in Ohio in a practice working mostly with dogs and cats but also with horses, cattle, sheep and goats. She then moved to Cleveland and worked at a very large and busy humane society. She finally moved back to the Twin Cities area and worked in a small animal practice for 10 years. This is where she met Dr. Corcoran and Dr. Bugbee-Tong. During the 10 years at the clinic, Dr. Sara started to teach at Globe University part time and has now recently started teaching at the University of Minnesota Veterinary School, also part time. Dr. Sara also volunteers at VeTouch with Dr. Bugbee-Tong, and has volunteered with Students  for Reservation Veterinary Services providing low cost veterinary services on area Minnesota reservations.